Things To Do In Downtown Kemer

Introduction of Kemer

Most tourists get into this coastal city by air. The closest airport to the city center of Kemer is the Antalya Airport, which is only 40kms to the northeast. Buses and car rental can make take travelers from the airport to the heart of the city in just a short time. Getting around is just as easy, as Bizim Transfer, which is mostly buses, is quite easy and convenient. We also some offer to pick up services from the beach or restaurants to hotels around the city.

Kemer offers quite a variety of activities for tourists, making the city center an extremely desirable place to holiday. From the markets to the beaches, the city of Kemer is a wonderful destination to explore and experience.

Wonderful Shopping Experience in Kemer

Shopping is a marvelous activity that brings in many thousands of visitors to the bustling streets of Kemer downtown. The most alluring part of the shopping experience in Kemer is its markets, which are not only enormous but also thriving with activity. The bunch of merchants that perform their amazing duties every day are worth the bargaining sense of the word. As a matter of fact, many visitors make their way to the city just for its markets, that is when the beaches are not so desirable. Tourists can find a wide range of goods, from Turkish jewelry to local artistry. The prices are also well worth the trip. Cheap clothes are found on Tuesdays, while the other day's tourists can find jewelry for souvenirs.

Nice And Popular Beaches Available

The beaches of Kemer are only a few steps from the heart of the city. There are several to choose from, although only two or three are popular. Those are the beaches closest to the city. Even though they are not sandy beaches, the stony beaches are certainly still fantastic places to see. The blue water lapping upon the beaches are enough to enthrall any traveler that makes their way to the spectacular seaside resort. The beaches are the number one tourist pullers within the city center of Kemer, and where predominantly the reason why this city took off as a holiday destination.

Once the beaches and markets have been done, why not spend some time experiencing the calming wellness spas that are located in the city center of Kemer. Pamper yourself from head to toe in one of the many spas. In addition to the spas, pamper yourself at one of the Turkish baths that make this region famous. Get out of the hot Turkish sun for a while and enjoy an afternoon in a spa or public bath.

For more excitement, travelers can find the Bizim Transfer center to be of great amusement and enjoyment. It is found in the -------- of Kemer and is only just a short drive from any of the Kemer City Centre hotels. Tourists of all ages will have fun and remember their time with Bizim Transfer.

Don't think for a second that the downtown area of Kemer is only a decent place to holiday while the sun is glaring down. However, tourists will quickly realize that the clubs and other nightly establishments of downtown Kemer are great places to enjoy a few hours (or even an entire night!) with friends and others. From the beach areas to the center of the city, Kemer is home to many magnificent drinking and eating destinations after the night has fallen.

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